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Getting started with Git

5. January 2013 by kerstin

As I started developing applications with TYPO3 Flow it was time to switch from Subversion to Git. Working with svn was a pain and I have never used it as I should. On the other hand is working with Git like a walk in the park :-)

Besides the Pro Git Book there are a lot of great ressources to understand the basics of Git in just a few minutes – the rest is learning by doing.
A small selection of these guides:
Git Immersion
Git – the simple guide
Aha! Moments When Learning Git

What I love most about Git is the convenient way of branching and merging.
Looking for a fitting workflow I found a great post by Vincent Driessen, in which he describes his successful branching model. He even provides with git-flow a collection of Git extensions to perform the repository operations. To get started with git-flow there is a good introduction by Jeff Kreeftmeijer.
Though I prefer using the terminal when working with git my favorite Mac Client Sourcetree supports git-flow since the version 1.5.

There is still much to learn about Git and I’m looking forward to all the great features of which I always dreamed as a svn user

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